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I found In Essence online as I was looking to get Lymphatic Drainage Massage. I was told that they had a therapist that was very skilled in that area, so I made an appointment. When I arrived the stuff was very friendly and the waiting accommodations were relaxing. The best part of this review is that the therapist Irena was absolutely in the top of her field. I have never had a Lymphatic Drainage Massage but how I felt afterwards was rejuvenated and I could tell something had change with my circulation. Quite frankly it was amazing and I have been telling everyone to get this massage. But you should get it from Irena at In Essence Day Spa.
Rick F. at Facebook - In Essence Day Spa
Highly recommend this gifted woman, Hands of sheer healing!! She treated me when I was injured last year and her therapies are amazing. I need more time with her but she has become very busy so book early!!! You will not be disappointed...take your Starbucks money and place it towards a massage from Irena Hnatjuk-Zahirovic.
Gina P. posted on Facebook Irena Hnatjuk-Zahirovic Massage Therapist
Irena is such a sweetheart and I love her touch!
Marcie N. at Facebook - In Essence Day Spa
For a relaxing, thorough massage asks for Joey or Irena. Joey and Irena have magical hands, a touch with the correct amount of pressure (adjusted as needed) and a soothing personality. They will make you feel comfortable and pampered while relieving your body of knots and stress. They are the best!
Theresa S. in Yelp
Irena gave me the most amazing massage I've ever had! I upgraded to the deep tissue and hot stone massage and it was well worth it. She provided warm towels to loosen up muscles and provided just the right amount of pressure. Her instincts were right on! I would highly recommend her.
Monika I. posted on Irena Hnatjuk-Zahirovic Massage Therapist
Irena was absolutely amazing! She provided warm towels and applied the hot stones with great accuracy for maximum pain relief. She is instinctual and excellent at her craft!
Caroline F. at Facebook - In Essence Day Spa
I am so thankful to you Irena for the most peaceful and rejuvenating experience I received today. After battling stress and anxiety for years, I left today feeling a new woman. I have never felt so calm, relaxed, and at ease with my mind and body. Thank you again Irena. You are truly talented.
Erika H. posted on Facebook Irena Hnatjuk-Zahirovic Massage Therapist Page
Irena and Justin = AMAZING. Irena has magic intuitive hands. Her massages with hot stones and cupping are unbelievable. I am so impressed. Justin is an acupuncture genius. As soon as treatment starts, I am out like a light. When the treatment is over, I feel like a million bucks. I haven't slept so well and deeply in years, my headaches are down and my neck/shoulders are finally loosening up. I would highly recommend In Essence Day Spa. Can't wait for my next appointment!!!!
Maggie C. at Yelp
I have never been a member of a spa, mostly because of the perceived expense--- and honesty, it just felt too self-indulgent...but after becoming a member of In Essence Day Spa in Mission Viejo, I am a believer. Not only is membership here very reasonable (actually, ridiculously inexpensive), I have found how critical it can be to well-being. When I came to Irena (and Justin for acupuncture) I was a mess: chronic, long-time back pain, IT band issues and sciatica...now, I am a new woman. Let me talk about Irena: She is such a gift. Hot stones, cupping, simply deep tissue, whatever. She's an angel. The facility itself is great and soothing and relaxing as well as the owner, Liliane. It was so very nice. This place is an incredible value. I cannot endorse it enough. Consider daily stress and ongoing physical ailments and how “expensive” that can be in daily life. Regular western medicine NEVER healed mine. I am blessed to know Irena and the In Essence Day Spa “family.” It’s love.
Pam Cole C. posted on Facebook Irena Hnatjuk-Zahirovic Massage Therapist Page
Had massage with Irena today using stones and such. It was the best massage I have ever had. It was very relaxing. No chatting. Love that.
Carol B. at Yelp
I am concerned about the negative reviews in that they should have been more name specific about the therapist.  I highly recommend this place. It's clean, refreshing and well-priced.  I suggest you book with Irena - amazing hands. My next treatment will be a cupping massage.
Gina P. at Yelp
I have had several massages with Irena and series of acupuncture visits with Justin and I could not be more pleased. Now as for massages, OMG. One word: Irena. It is the best ever. She is fantastic to say the least. Hot stones, Cupping, simply deep tissue, whatever. She's angel. I cannot endorse it enough.
Pam Cole C. at Yelp
I had cupping today by Irena that was amazing and have been doing acupuncture with Justin. Irena's massage is crazy good and Justin with the acupuncture is like a miracle. I kind of don't want people to know because I don't want them to get too busy but I mast consider the greater good. They are awesome.
Pam Cole C. at Facebook
I love the warm neck roll, the warm eye cover and absolutely loved the hot towels. That was a great touch and definitely added extra comfort that felt wonderful! Thank you for a wonderful experience Irena! :)
In Essence Day Spa Feedback from Groupon

Friendly, helpful front desk (Savannah) and outstanding massage therapist (Irena).
In Essence Day Spa Feedback from Groupon
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