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2018 Reviews

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I loved from the moment I walked in the calm and peaceful ambiance. Irena’s personality immediately came off as a true passion for calm & healing. I loved the 90-minute combination of Swedish and therapeutic massage using stones, cupping, hot & cold facial & scalp message. I only wished it didn’t have to stop & maybe a little more on my feet but in all it was a great balance of everything & perfect pressure, so I felt relaxed & rejuvenated, not sore. I will definitely be referring Irena to those I know who enjoy messages.

Cheryle Lynn C. at Massagebook



I loved how she used a combination of techniques and therapies to give me the best massage possible. She was extremely knowledgeable, experienced and professional. I felt like I was in good hands the entire time and the massage was excellent.

Jessie N. at Massagebook



Irena is INCREDIBLE!! Definitely recommend to any and everyone!

Joe A.  at Massagebook



Irena is absolutely amazing! Best massage ever! Super friendly too!

Alexander G. at Massagebook



Irene is amazing. In addition to being talented, there is a high value to massage packages offered.

Marlene W. at Massagebook



Irena provides a spa-like atmosphere. She is very skilled and knowledgeable as a message therapist. I always feel wonderful and relaxed when I leave.

Leslye M. at Massagebook



(Second Experience)

There are no words that express the magical healing powers of Irena's services! I had been so very sick last week, even losing 15 lbs. in a week, I had a Friday in the er with no diagnosis. I waited a few days and finally decided to call Irena for a full-on healing ceremony. I can tell you there a very few people who have such natural healing abilities and Irena is the TRUE BLUE, FOR REAL, HEALER ON EARTH ANGEL. Those super powers are hard to find. I left feeling 98% healed. INCREDIBLE!! Thank you (bow), my Healer for caring enough to want to heal me free of pain.

Now, my first experience with Irena was for a 90-minute relaxation ceremony and some unblocking of energies and stone massage and cold stone migraine facial and scalp massage. I left feeling I'd just had a spiritual experience.

Thank you, Irena You are TRULY BLESSED!.

Patricia T. at Facebook



I love the whole experience!

Carrie W. at Massagebook



This woman is magic. I wish I lived closer.

Aleishia A. at Google



Everything was amazing!!

Anonymous –Advanced massage therapy at Massagebook



Very relaxing ambiance/music/smells. It was my first time getting a massage that included hot stones, so that was a very interesting experience that I enjoyed. I loved that she incorporated aromatherapy, cupping therapy, reiki, etc. in the massage. I got to experience so many things in one massage session. I should have gone for the longer session as 60 minutes is not enough. It was also very thoughtful she gave you water as you came in, and tea when you are done with the massage. It is so important not to be dehydrated during/after a massage.

Anonymous –Advanced massage therapy at Massagebook



Experience like no other. I’ve never left a massage with such a "woah" feeling. Amazing!

Sara R. at Massagebook



Irena is the best massage therapist I have ever been to - hands down. I relocated and now drive 35 miles to get a massage from her once a month. And every month, there is a little voice in my head that questions if I really need to drive so far for a massage?! YES, absolutely. Once I am there, I remember why I am HAPPY to drive that far.

Her place is so calm and relaxing, I feel better the minute I arrive. She is such a natural and I just can't say enough good things about her. She has several different techniques and lets you decide what kind of massage you want. Hot stones, cupping, essential oils, scrubs, she does it all.

I'll be honest, it's been a while since I have had time to go get a massage but I'm sitting here dreaming about it, so I'll be making an appointment ASAP!

Liz S. at Yelp



Amazing, just give it a try once, you won’t go anywhere else after that.

Salome J. at Massagebook



Irena is amazing! She does so much in such a short time.

Ashley C. at Massagebook



Irena is amazing! She does so much in such a short time.

One of the lessons I seem destined to work on in life is recognizing how energy flows through us and around us, how we are energy, and how being attuned to our energy helps us reach our potential. Irena has numerous qualities that elevate the massage experience, and my appointments with her have gone way above and beyond what I would consider just a good massage. She has a holistic approach. She has an awesome touch, and seems intuitively to know just where to go, sometimes generously running past the clock to persist with deep knots and areas that need extra attention. Irena's work is as much about maximizing health and potential as it is about feeling good. Her studio is professional and warm, she is very attentive to creating a safe space to relax and let go, and she always sends you on your way with thoughts or suggestions to help extend the quiet space of the session out into the world (as well as making sure you stay well-hydrated!). I leave my appointments with Irena feeling light, centered, renewed, and empowered. I highly recommend checking out Irena and Lymphatic Massage.

Anonymous –Reiki at Massagebook



My session was about 90- minutes and it NEVER seems long enough!! It was perfect and left me feeling GREAT for my birthday weekend!! Thanks, Irena

Patricia T. at Massagebook



Hands down, she’s the best out there!!

Bonnie E. at Massagebook



Irena is the strongest and most grounded massage therapist I have ever had the good fortune to experience. She is extremely caring and professional, and her knowledge of the human body coupled with her innate sense of where one needs work is unparalleled. She found a few old injuries that needed work without me even having mentioned them. Between the healing aroma therapeutic oils and her strong healing hands, I left her office floating, feeling more relaxed than I have in years (literally). Her office is clean and soothing. I have had many massages in my life, and I speak from experience that she is the best massage therapist around. Now that I have found Irena, I will use no other. I know a few other people that have gotten massages from Healing with Bamboo and Stones, and when we get together, we cannot stop talking about how great she is. Honestly, she's THAT good. Her positive and holistic approach to mind/body interconnection is a wisdom that I will draw from all the years that I know and use Irena's excellent skill. An appointment with Irena is the best investment you can make for your overall health.

Irma H. at Massagebook



Irena has magical hands! I had a combo of lymphatic drainage and Swedish massage. The addition of the Himalayan salts made my massage the best I have ever had. Highly recommend! Looking forward to my next appointment.

Diana M. at Yelp



One of the best massages I've ever had! Irena is a miracle worker - I look forward to being one of her regular clients.

Courtney D. at Massagebook



The massage I received from Irene was by far, one of the best massages I've had. She is professional, and the place was clean. I highly recommend Irene and will definitely be back.

Catrina T. at Massagebook



Irena rejuvenates me.

Patricia B. at Massagebook



Perfect massage for me. I had a few health issues and Irena worked around them. Best massage I've had.

Sue S. at Massagebook



Irena is knowledgeable, kind and very good at massage!

Debra M. at Massagebook



I have been going to Irena for a few years for general relaxation and rejuvenation. Recently I’ve been experiencing back pain and have tried physical therapy and medical intervention to no avail. I’ve gone to Irena twice now since having my back pain and both times I’ve felt much better after leaving. I think Irena’s focus on the wellbeing of the whole body is what makes her massage therapy more effective than the massage therapy I’ve received at physical therapy. She is magic!

Alison D. at Massagebook



Always love my experience at Healing with Bamboo and Stones. Irena does a wonderful job and I feel amazing after. Had a massage yesterday and already can't wait to come back!

Taylor H. at Massagebook



I enjoy going here she is very good and helps me relax. I really recommend the salt stones they feel amazing. She is very caring and has great energy. From the times I've been here I've never felt like she was annoyed or just wanted the day to be over. I sincerely believe that she enjoys her practice. Recommend pre-booking your appointments its less expensive and better availability.

Jaqueline C. at Yelp



The best massage I've ever had. Absolutely wonderful!! Irena knows what she's doing, her skill level is without a doubt a 10. Can't wait for my next treatment. Mary in Dana Point

Mary C. at Massagebook



Absolutely one of the best massages I've ever had. Very knowledgeable, skilled and professional.

Laurel G. at Massagebook



Irena is very caring and focused on her work. I asked her to pay specific attention to my IT bands, and she did the job!!

Barbie H. at Massagebook



Ms. Irena is the best! She works on your problem area (if you have one) and this was my first-time cupping. I had never thought of it before but just one time and I'm a believer and now I get it every time I go! Her aromatherapy is great (you get to choose the scent/benefit) and the cooling face massage roller is awesome for allergies and sinuses!

Gina S. at Massagebook



I can't say enough about Irena's skill and talent as a massage therapist. She uses the very best techniques, stones and aromatherapy to provide a wonderful experience. I have been her client for years and she has helped me through more health challenges than I care to mention. I have enjoyed her studio at her new location as well. I highly recommend her.

Allison M. at Yelp

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