Healing with Bamboo and Stones
Advanced Therapeutic Massage by Irena Hnatjuk-Zahirovic
2016 Reviews

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I found the whole experience very satisfying and relaxing. Am looking forward to my next visit.
Heidi B. at Massagebook
Wonderful hot stones, loved it.
Edward K. at Massagebook
Everything was wonderful! It was more than I expected. Extremely relaxing and made my pains subside. Beautiful place. Irena was very nice and professional.
Lisa C. at Massagebook
Great massage! I'm hooked. The lymphatic drainage massage is particularly useful and left me feeling detoxified and energized.
Afrah S. at Yelp
I've never had a massage before. so, Irena really changed my life. I had the Advanced Therapeutic Massage and loved every second of it. I had let Irena know that my lower back was the reason for my visit and she really catered to my needs. I loved my experience so much I purchased a gift card for my mom immediately after. I will be back! I'm hooked!
Taylor H. at Massagebook and Yelp
I loved Irena!!  I was in a ton of pain with my neck and shoulder.  She gave me a full massage but with more concentration in those areas.  I did the cupping also.  A tiny bit uncomfortable but not painful at all.  Well worth it!!  I did the face massage also which was so relaxing.  I wish I could go every week!!
Deana B. at Massagebook and Yelp
I've been in chiropractic treatments and massage for over 40 years and I've never had anyone as good as Irena! she's THE BEST AROUND!!
Renee H. at Massagebook
Irene is a treasure! I had a relaxing massage that eased my muscle tension. I feel like a new person!
Joy L. at Massagebook
It was an amazing experience! Would refer a friend, and I am plan to go again.
Candice B. at Massagebook
Irena is amazing. I got bamboo massage it was combination of Swedish massage and bamboo massage and she also used cupping massage for me. It was amazing. It was the best experience I ever had. And the best massage I ever got. I also got one hour bamboo massage as a gift for my mom and she loved it too so she got it as a gift for my aunt. They both love this place. Once u try it, u never want to go anywhere else.
Salome J. at Massagebook and Yelp
I liked everything it about her. She is very intuitive!!
Roberto R. at Massagebook
Everything I am looking for a great massage. Will highly recommend it.
Anonymous –Advanced massage therapy at Massagebook
I have many massages over the years due to back and neck problems. This was the best massage I have ever had; Irena is so professional and gives her clients a full 60-minute massage not the usual 50 minutes. I can wait for my second massage this week.
Patricia H. at Massagebook
Irena is absolutely fantastic. I've gone to Massage Envy and Hand and Stone in the past but she has been a blessing in massage therapy. You get the full 60 min and she does an absolutely phenomenal job. I get cupping done to my back but she does so many other things that break down my super tightness and strains and I feel the release. She does a ton in and hour (aroma, massage, stones, cupping, salts...) Price for intro is 49 (cheaper than the big places) Prebook price is 65 (same or better than big places) HOWEVER, she does way more and in my opinion a much better job than the other places. So, for cost comparison, you can't compare. I give an unofficial 6th star!!!
Tyler C. J. at Google
Best massage therapist I've ever encountered!
Janet H. at Massagebook
Wonderful experience, I will be back.
Adil P. at Massagebook
Irena is the best! I have a constant problem with lymphedema since a liver transplant 10 years ago. But, it is so much better now that I see Irena.
Mary Ann K. at Massagebook
Irena has very strong hands. I had to tell her to lighten up once. After that my massage was amazing. This was the best massage I’ve had. I highly recommend her and her business. I'll definitely be going back there.
Morgan F. at Massagebook
Awesome massage experience with Irena - Moved to MV a year and a half ago and I am happy to finally say I found my therapist! :-)
Anonymous –Lymphatic Drainage Massage at Massagebook
I have had many massages; this is the best massage I have ever had. I felt good instantly after my massage. I highly recommend Irena, she is a professional and her studio are first class.
Sandy W. at Massagebook
I have fibromyalgia and have been very wary of massage therapists due to past bad experiences. My pain is often very bad and widespread, and I am extremely sensitive to any pressure, however my doctor recommended massage therapy. Irena is a definitely a special person. She is able to work on my body without causing more pain, but still affecting improvement. She is trained in so many different massage methods and modalities that she is able to custom the massage to each person's individual needs. I have referred 2 friends with chronic pain to her and they both love her too. She often will use modalities that other spas will up-charge for because she is compassionate and truly cares about each client's well-being. I would not hesitate to recommend her to anyone with chronic pain.
Susan M. at Massagebook and Yelp
Irena is the best masseuse I have ever been to! She is very skillful, friendly and always makes me feel welcomed and appreciated I never want the massage to end and always wish I could go to her every week!!
Cindy F. at Massagebook
Thank you for one of the best massages I have ever had! the hot stones were terrific, I felt very relaxed.
Suzy L. at Massagebook
I loved the whole experience! I promise, once you have a massage with Irena, you will never go anywhere else!!
Bonnie E. at Massagebook
Irena is well skilled and wonderful with her massage therapy skills to heal the body and ease the aches and pains.
Anna B. at Massagebook
I have tried others but she is the best. I would not go anywhere else.
Jan R. at Massagebook
Irena is amazing. She introduced me to cupping and I have gone to her every month ever since. I was referred to this place by a friend and now I tell everyone to go to her. She gets to know her clients and is flexible with scheduling and honoring her price. And her massages are excellent!!!
Laura A. at Massagebook and Yelp
Irena is gifted. I always look forward to my massages!
Renee J. at Massagebook
Irena gets down to business right away! She definitely doesn't look like she has strong hands, but she does.  Some masseuse sometimes gets irritated when you tell them to take a little pressure off, but Irena welcomed the feedback. I like feeling my massage but not be in pain. Lol! With my neck feeling stiff and my back achy, Irena recommended the Advanced Therapy massage which included use of Copper Stones, Himalayan salt, and cupping. I love that she gives the full 60 min massage and not 50 min like most. I know I will be sore tomorrow with the much needed work that she did on my back, but I will definitely come back after my vacation to cure some jet lag!
Christine R. at Yelp
Irena understood what I needed from my visit. She is very gifted with wonderful strength to work out any cramps. She used Himalayan Salt, Hot Stones and Cupping which really loosened up my back muscles so much so, I returned the next day for more. She is very accommodating to your needs. Her set up is very private. I visited her both with a morning apt as well as an afternoon apt and both times the room was quiet and peaceful. I highly recommend her and cannot wait to visit again.
Anne R. at Massagebook, Yelp and Google
Irena does the extras. Heating pad, warm blankets and no scent lotion. I appreciate a person like her who has skill and cares about what she does.
Jerry K. at Massagebook
Always look forward to seeing Irena, she is wonderful always feel great!!
Anonymous –Warm Bamboo Massage at Massagebook
I like the variety of treatments and Irena's amazing expertise in all of them.
Anonymous –Advanced massage therapy at Massagebook
I felt welcomed as I was warmly greeted at the door. Irena asked a few questions and clearly read through my information before I was there so she could understand what I was looking for and what would be best for me. During the massage she explained what was happening and continually inquired about my comfort. I highly recommend Irena and am truly happy I found a great massage therapist.
Noel K. at Massagebook and Yelp
I consider myself blessed every time I am lucky enough to have a massage from Irena. One of the best massages I've ever experienced.
Lori F. at Massagebook and Yelp
Irena is the best, I've been going to her for a year and I feel transformed after every session.  Love the hot stones, which I highly recommend, especially on my feet. (heavenly) I'm certain that the way she moves my tissues & muscles around have great health & well-being benefits, as you cannot get this type of body movement through just exercise. It's a great way to relieve stress, both for the body & the mind. 5+ stars!
Edward K. at Yelp
Irena, the owner, gave me a deep tissue, cupping, and hot stone treatment all in one hour. I have had many deep tissue and massages, but Irena just knows what to do to release all of my stress. She is very strong with her hands and gives me the best deep tissue massage. Once you go to Irena, it really would be hard to go elsewhere because she is consistent with the treatment she gives you. Her prices are very good and comparable.
T.P. at Yelp
Irena was amazing! Intuitively found the knots in my neck and shoulder and worked them out without too much pressure because I'm a total wimp! Can't wait to go back!
Stacey K. at Massagebook and Yelp
Irena gave an excellent massage. She is knowledgeable, and attentive. I enjoyed her massage so much, I booked another service. Highly recommend her.
Donna P. at Groupon
I found Irena by chance on a groupon last year.  Best purchase I've ever made on that site, next to Fit Body Boot Camp. Irena goes the full hour or hour and a half unlike other places. She has the most reasonable prices around that INCLUDE the extras of hot stone, bamboo, cupping and cold marble face massage. I am rough on my body and need help monthly. Not only am I hooked, I have referred so many Bootcamp friends that love her as much as I do.  Her hands are magic and she is the nicest woman. She has made my pregnant friend feel so much better and is helping her get some sleep during her tough pregnancy.  Please give her a call, I promise you, you will feel better!
Janet H. at Yelp
Irena treated me to a very good massage! She put a lot of muscle into it, which I LOVE! The copper stones were awesome too! I definitely want to go back!
Charlene C. at Massagebook
Everything was above and beyond. Best experience I've ever had.
Anonymous –Advanced massage therapy at Massagebook
Absolutely, loved is and absolutely coming back.
Nisreen A. at Massagebook
Very skilled and professional therapist. I plan to return.
Kathryn K. at LivingSocial
Always a great experience with Irena.
Nicole H. at Massagebook
It was a very enjoyable experience. Irena was professional and very organized and thorough with the scheduling and paperwork.
Kathryn K. at Massagebook
The tea after the treatment was the perfect touch.
Maria M. at Massagebook
Irena has some great hands. I had a wonderful massage. She asked if the pressure was too hard or not enough. The same with the temperature of the towels. She was fantastic. I will return.
Robert T. at Massagebook
It was so relaxing and Irena did a wonderful job!
Anonymous –Swedish Relaxation Massage at Massagebook
I just had my third massage with Irena, who is the owner and therapist. I usually get the 90 minutes advanced healing with cupping, stones, and Himalayan salt scrub. Today she surprised me by also using bamboo. She is a wonderful therapist with, as another reviewer already said, strong yet gentle hands. Believe me - you don't want a therapist that is just strong but with no feel because the time spent with such a therapist can be the longest 90 minutes of your life. I have been getting massages all my life and Irena is one of the best. She is always learning to add to her already considerable skills, she is very confident, and is super nice. She also has a very calming, super clean, and quiet space.
Katrina C. at Yelp
This is an amazing place too easy your aching muscles.  This is a one person owned shop.  She used to work at a massage chain, and many people asked for her there. She had so many clients, she started her own practice.  I have yet to go back due to being out of town for work so much.  I will be coming back!
Thomas M. at Yelp
Irena is definitely living her purpose and healing with her massages. She has the best healing techniques and you can truly feel it in her massage. I found the healing massage therapist I've been looking for :-D
Aida V. at Yelp
Very communicative at the beginning of massage, wonderful pressure and variable methods. Irena was professional, caring, and very skilled at her craft!
Megan D. at Massagebook
Wow. Terrific experience from head to toe. No pun intended :) got a lymphatic drainage massage and couple that with cupping was awesome. Feel so relaxed. Thank you!!
Anna H. at Yelp
Irena has the "healing touch!" Her technique is soothing & relaxing, and more effective than I even knew. After my 60-minute prenatal massage, I went home and took a 2 1/2-hour nap that felt amazing after countless nights of insomnia. I made sure to book my next appointment before I left!
Leona S. at Yelp and at Massagebook
I received a massage as a birthday gift.  I'm always reluctant to go to someone I don't know but after meeting Irena and getting the best massage ever, I won't go anywhere else.  I truly think she has the best hands in the business.  I have purchased gifts for my friends who are regulars now as well.  Irena will listen to your needs and then give you a massage that will exceed all of your expectations.  The only disappointment I experience is when Irena starts the cold marble face massage as I know that my time there is almost over.
Lisa D. at Yelp
Wonderful. Irena goes above and beyond to find the best way to help her clients feel better.
Katrina C. at Massagebook
Amazing, I have had some great massages, Spa Oaji, Grand Wailea, Burke Williams and Irena's massage is right up there with the best. I've already booked my next visit. Thank you, Irena, I feel great...
Treza B. at Yelp
It really is a healing experience. Irena is skilled in the art of massage.
Anonymous –Advanced massage therapy at Massagebook
A little bit of paradise tucked away in Lake Forest. Irene is extremely knowledgeable about her profession and gave me one of the most therapeutic massages I have ever had.
Karen M.G. at Massagebook
I loved the mix of therapies and I think it's what I need to get these knots out. Irena is informative, explained the different therapies and their benefits before or while she was performing them. She also was mindful and checked in to make sure the pressure was good. The only thing about the ambiance is that there is a cultural center next door and sometimes they might have some audible activities going on. It wasn't a huge deal for me, but something to note about the location.
Anonymous –Advanced massage therapy at Massagebook
I just got back not too long ago from getting a massage with Irena. Keep in mind this was the first professional massage I have ever gotten... And it was amazing! Irena made me feel so comfortable. Originally, I went in for cupping and ended up getting the whole shebang! A little bit of everything she does, a full body massage, face massage with cold copper stones, Himalayan salt scrub, hot stone and cupping as well as facial cupping.
She was very professional as I went in with horrible shoulder blade pain as well as previously having scoliosis surgery so my back was very tender and sensitive. She was very careful and checked up on me every now and then. She made sure that she wasn't pressing too hard or too soft.
I am telling all my friends and family members about her as I was so nervous going in to get a massage (have heard too many crazy stories) but I came out feeling refreshed and alive! I also love to support her individual company rather than the bigger companies. All in all, it was a great experience and I cannot wait to go back in four weeks for my next appointment!!! :)
Tiffany D. at Yelp
Irena knows how to provide a relaxing environment and how to apply the right amount of pressure in her massages. I am so glad I found someone who is in tune with what I need.
Sonya W. at Massagebook
Irena is amazing!! Truly talented at what she does and is relaxing and effective!! She customized the massage to my body's needs, and her hands are so healing. She used cupping on me, aroma therapy, stone techniques, cold marble for headaches, and cranial release. These were all seriously amazing. I went in for headaches and overall stress tension and she really calmed me with her amazing energy, and talent with her techniques. I normally have cold feet all the time, but after seeing Irena, I noticed my feet were warm, which means she improved my circulation in just one session. She is truly gifted with massage and energy.
Larissa T. at Yelp and at Massagebook
I've been to a lot of massage places around the world but Irena (I think? Sorry) is amazing!
Highly recommend this place and will book my husband in soon.
Great deep tissue massage. She focused on all the knots in my shoulders and back which is just what I needed.
Leanne L. at Yelp
Healing to the body and soul. Irena is the best.
Anonymous –Lymphatic Drainage Massage at Massagebook
I've been to a lot of massage parlor but I've never been satisfied... like there is always something missing not until I've tried Healing with Bamboo. OMG!!!! Irena was very professional and awesome. She explains everything. Highly recommended!!!
Mary S. at Yelp and Massagebook
Cupping massage helped me to relax at a deeper level Irena has healing hands
Jackie. at Massagebook
My son who plays high school football had been complaining of back pain and the doctor just wanted to give him muscle relaxers which I'm not okay with. He went to a chiro for about a week and it helped temporarily for that day so I searched for someone in the area for a massage and found her... I can't even begin to say enough about her. She's beyond Amazing!!!! She responded quickly to schedule appointment and emailed over paperwork. She recommended what type of massage for him due to the lower back pain. She also took the time to email me to check on him and his experience. She definitely goes the extra mile to make sure her clients are taken care of. We will defiantly be using her again and would highly recommend her. She knows exactly what she's doing and my son is feeling sooo much better.
Mother of Anthony M. at Massagebook
Irena is an excellent masseuse - I felt extremely relaxed after my massage. I will definitely return to Healing with Bamboo and Stones.
Anonymous –Advanced massage therapy at Massagebook
Irena does an amazing job. I especially liked the copper stone treatment. She is also very kind and fair in her pricing of services.
Anonymous –Advanced massage therapy at Massagebook
Loved the massage, she really took out all my knots in my shoulder muscles and the hot stones were very relaxing. Very good with her hands.
Tom R. at Massagebook
Really enjoyed the massage here with all the extra salt and stones. A very good deep experience.
Theresa V. at Massagebook
Irena is the BEST! She truly has a gift with her hands! The cold stone face massage is something I will never go without again!
Tiffany E. at Massagebook
YES! I finally found a great spot!!!! I got the advanced therapy massage this afternoon! And I feel like my shoulders finally got the relief they needed! The reviews are not talked up, Irena truly does do a great job and knows what she's doing! I will definitely be back!
Loren N. at Yelp
One of the best massages I have ever had. Irena is very professional and knowledgeable. I will definitely come back again!
Leslye M. at Massagebook
Irena is fantastic. The massage was incredibly relaxing, and the best I've ever experienced.
Hannah G. at Massagebook
She's truly amazing and I have had massages all over the world. She's one of the best by far.
Anonymous –Advanced massage therapy at Massagebook
I like how the massage therapist told me that my only job is to relax! She did an excellent job.
Judy W. at Groupon
Great massage with wonderful techniques. Irena is very nice and caring.
Anonymous –Advanced massage therapy at Massagebook
Irena was amazing. She is great at what she does, knowledgeable and educated me on what would make most sense for me, as we all have different needs. I immediately recommended her to my boyfriend and close friends.
Anne S. at Massagebook
Irena gave me the most amazing massage I've ever had! I upgraded to the deep tissue and hot stone massage and it was well worth it. She provided warm towels to loosen up muscles and provided just the right amount of pressure. Her instincts were right on! I would highly recommend her.
Anonymous –Advanced massage therapy at Massagebook
Awesome! One of the best messages ever.
Greg V.D.O. at Groupon
I had my first massage with Irena yesterday and it was beyond fabulous. Her studio was welcoming and clam. It smelled like a day spa! She was professional and knowledgeable about what I needed. When leaving, I booked another appointment for myself and my husband. Irena is fabulous!!!
Kelly D. at Massagebook
Very positive energy from Irene. Absolutely amazing and the best experience I've had!
Anonymous –Advanced massage therapy at Massagebook
This was a really great experience. I felt very relaxed afterwards. It's probably the first time I've got a massage where I felt the person actually took their time and gave me the full hour massage. Definitely worth it. I'll be making an appointment for myself in the future and can't wait to have my husband come in for a massage. Irena was very pleasant and definitely knew what she was doing. Thanks again!
Antoinette G. at Massagebook
Irena is great. I would definitely recommend her to my friends.
Penny W. at Massagebook
Not the typical massage. I got stones (hot and cold) and cupping. My body feels fantastic and I booked another apt for the end of March. Amazing.
Crystal K. at Massagebook
She was awesome, and completely relaxed all my tired muscles.
Jennifer F. at Massagebook
In one word: WOW!  Irena gave me the absolute best massage I have ever had!  What she does is simply amazing!  Unlike so many other massage therapists who were merely give you a rub down, Irena actually massages your muscles!  She really focuses on what you need and is super friendly.  Cannot recommend her enough!  No more wandering around from massage parlor to day spa looking for a decent massage - Irena is the only way to go!
Alexander G. at Yelp and Google
Wonderful intuitive touch. Probably one of the best massages I've ever experienced.
Anonymous –Advanced massage therapy at Massagebook
I have been seeing Irena monthly for over a 3 years. I have a nurses back; lots of low back pain! the pain is gone for several weeks after my session. I have not been to see a doctor all year. Because I have been so healthy and I know seeing Irena on a regular basis has promoted this thank you!!
Patty B. posted on Facebook Irena Hnatjuk-Zahirovic Massage Therapist Page
Mission Viejo, CA
Very unique approach to a healing massage loved the bamboo sticks and copper stones. She expresses her positive calm energy flow thru her massage. Highly recommend!
Ginger T. at Yelp
We have scheduled another massage with Irena. She is very skilled and we enjoyed the massage. Thank you Irena!
Bob and Ellen C-P at Massagebook
Probably the best massage I have ever had.
Anonymous –Advanced massage therapy at Massagebook
When I first pulled up I wasn't that impressed with the exterior, but as soon as I stepped inside I felt so at ease from the cleanliness and comforting decor. The room was so spacious not at all like walking into a closet as I've experienced at other massage parlors. Professionalism was noticed right from the original phone call to me walking in and being greeted by her. Magic hands and fingers is all I can say. I'll be returning.
Mike P. at Massagebook
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