Healing with Bamboo and Stones
Advanced Therapeutic Massage by Irena Hnatjuk-Zahirovic
2017 Reviews
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Irena is amazing in everything. Best massages, very professional, and kind. Irena is an angel.

Andreea M. Massagebook



Irene was very professional, I have never experienced a massage with stones before. I felt really great after the massage!

Shane R. Massagebook



Great massage! Loved the hot stones & cold stones. Aromatherapy adds a nice touch. Appreciated the bottle of water at the end. Thank you!

Liz L.  Massagebook



Fabulous experience. I highly recommend!

Hal B. Massagebook



I had an Advanced Therapeutic Massage by Irena yesterday and it was the best massage that I have ever had. I liked all the different therapies that Irena used during the session, e.g. aroma therapy, hot Himalayan salt rocks, hot copper stones, cupping massage and hot aroma tower for the face followed by cold stone massage.

Nga C. Massagebook



I've had a lot of massages in my life, but this one was the best yet! I only hate that I just discovered it because I'm moving out of state soon. If you are looking for a complete relaxation massage and someone who knows what they're doing, this is the place for you! I was a little nervous about the cupping, but it felt wonderful. I've already booked my next appointment.

Sandra H. at Yelp



I always feel relaxed and energized after a massage with Irene, she is amazing!

Melanie V. R. Massagebook



Wonderful treatment can't wait to go back.

Melissa C. Massagebook



Love everything! As someone who suffers from continuous stress headaches, Irena really gets in there and works on my tight muscles. She truly has a magic touch and I feel so relieved after each visit. I'm hooked.

Olga W. Massagebook



It was a pleasure meeting Irena and having a massage by her she's very caring and professional.

Jenny M. at Massagebook



Very happy with the service.

Orlando F. at Massagebook



Irena is seriously the best!!! I recommend her to everyone!

Tiffany E. at Massagebook



I felt really great afterwards and will be recommending her to friends and relatives

Anonymous –Advanced massage therapy at Massagebook



She is very sweet always so professional and does a wonderful job at keeping a relaxed environment throughout the massage. Wonderful and relaxed massage all around.

Patricia C. at Massagebook



Irena actually helps my back pain on a long-term basis. The cupping really helps. She was doing it before it became trendy. Her massages also feel great. I've been going to her for about a year.

Erica C. at Massagebook



Wonderful and healing experience, every time!

Kathleen M. at Massagebook



I went on Yelp to find massages that incorporate cupping and that's how I found Healing with Bamboo and Stones. I've done my research on cupping and it's supposed to be very detoxifying. So glad I found this gem...so, thanks Yelp!

Take advantage of the first-time client special. Irena's massages are amazing. I've had tons of massages.... I’ve tried every single high end spa in Vegas like Qua, Encore, Mandalay Bay, etc., I have a spa membership at Burke Williams, been to high end local hotel spas...and I can say Irena's massage is the best I've had. AND, prices cannot be beat here. For what you pay for an 80-min massage with NO upgrades at Burke Williams, you can get a 90-min massage with Irena with cupping, cold & hot stones, bamboo, Himalayan salt, aromatherapy, and copper stones for way less. It's unbelievable. I'm a client for life. Thanks Irena!

Roni C. at Yelp



Irena is wonderful! I feel so relaxed and refreshed when I leave. Her use of stones and cupping enhances the experience and her knowledge of massage therapy techniques is extensive. A true highlight of my month!

Leslye M. at Massagebook



Loved all the extra bonuses, with the aromatherapy, pink salt Himalayan stones, copper stones AND the face massage with cold marble stones. Amazing!

Rachel H. at Massagebook



Irena is amazing all around! Works with my schedule and is very experienced.

Anne S. at Massagebook



Thank-You! That was just what I've been looking for since I moved down from L.A.

Everything from the quiet & clean space, to each detail of massage and service was fantastic. I especially loved the pink Himalayan salt stones, copper stones, jasmine aromatherapy and cupping. Already booked my next appointment! :)

Rachel H.  at Yelp



Irena is amazing, her place is so relaxing and soothing. I went in for a Lymphatic drain massage after getting a BBL and she was super accommodating I got lost and she honored my time instead of using my own tardiness against me, she's super sweet.

Sandra R. at Yelp



Great massage I will be going back

Kellie J. at Massagebook



Irena is amazing she made me feel so much better, I recently had Lipo done and she made me feel so much better. I love her facility it’s so soothing!

Sandra R. at Massagebook



Irena is amazing and I always feel so much better after I get a massage from her!

Tracey S. at Massagebook



Irena is perfect!! I love how she listens about problems areas, and soothes the aches and pains away!! I have been all over orange county, and she is by far, the best!

Jennifer F. at Massagebook & Yelp



Irena is amazing! Her skill, talent, and knowledge as a massage therapist is exceptional. Highly recommend. You won't be disappointed.

Ashley C. at Massagebook



Paid attention to detail and very thorough

Jon N. at Massagebook



Excellent massage! It was a comprehensive experience with aroma therapy, hot stones and cupping. I will be back!

Michelle O'N. at Massagebook



Irena performed an excellent therapeutic massage. She concentrated in the areas I told her about and loosened up my back and shoulder muscles. Her office is very nice and her table is heated for extra comfort. I will be back, Thank you.

Brett D. at Massagebook



I love the whole experience!

Carrie W. at Massagebook



Love Irena- she is fantastic, and accommodates for YOUR comfort level- not what other massage therapists do, which is to tell you that hard pressure is better- she's fabulous

Angi L. at Massagebook



Loved the cupping message!!

Michele C. at Massagebook



Lovely experience and I will be returning for sure!

Emily R. at Massagebook



The studio is in a business complex, and it is very private, clean, smell wonderful, and it is so easy to relax. Irena is truly an exceptional massage therapist. She is professional and very skillful and mindful of her work, and has the genuine want to help her clients achieve wellness and relaxation. She knows exactly how to help me relax, and her massages are fantastic. She has magical hands and she is so dedicated to their craft! She is knowledgeable about techniques and offers various types of massages, all of which are aimed at making you feel your best. She listens to what you need and your anxiety and muscle pains melt away after just one session. I loved the Hot Copper stones accompanied with the aromatherapy oils. The pink Himalayan sea salt felt so amazing on my back. Once we got to the cupping I could feel the tension being squeezed out of my muscles. Far the best massages I've ever had! It was the most therapeutic, peaceful and rejuvenating experience I had in my life. I highly recommend Healing with Bamboo and Stones.

Anonymous –Advanced massage therapy at Massagebook



REALLY REALLY GOOD. Irena is very competent and works on all the right areas. Thank You!

Arthur M. at LivingSocial



I always feel better when I leave Healing with Bamboo and Stones

Patricia B. at Massagebook



Irena does an outstanding job of listening to what you want and then incorporating all her amazing techniques to ensure you get the best session possible. she does more in an hour session than most can do in 90 minutes. I would strongly recommend her.

Don S. at Massagebook



Irena is amazing at massage! She is attentive, and truly knowledgeable in various massage techniques. I would highly recommend her to anyone looking for a GREAT massage!

Tamara S. at Massagebook, Google and Yelp



Wish she was closer to where I live, but worth it!

Anonymous –Hot Stone Massage at Massagebook



Irene has mastered what massage clients want. The atmosphere is complete with soft incandescent lighting, soothing music, a heated table (my favorite), and a client first approach. Her technique was just right and she even kindly offers you water or tea at the conclusion. Truly owns the art of service.

Christian M. at Massagebook



Best massage you will ever find!

Kim S. at Massagebook



Irena was amazing! She is super knowledgeable and excellent at the massage services she provides. So happy to have found her!

Anonymous –Advanced massage therapy at Massagebook



Loved everything!!

Karen D. at Massagebook


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