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Advanced Therapeutic Massage by Irena Hnatjuk-Zahirovic
2015 Reviews

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I have used Irena service for 2 years. She is awesome and has a customize methods for different customer depending on their needs. I strongly recommend her and I am sure you will enjoy her special massage service!
Zahra M. at Google
Well needed after a move across country. Relaxing but enough to loosen tense muscles. Loved the warm Himalayan salt. Looking forward to my next appointment!
Judy S. at Massagebook
I just love Irena! She listens to what I have going on and adjusts her massage techniques to exactly what I need. I always feel better after a massage from Irena :)
Liz G. at Massagebook
Thank you fellow Yelpers for your comments. I went to see Irena yesterday based on your Yelps! She definitely lived-up to all of your comments. I walked in to her lovely space in a lot of physical and emotional pain...lower back spasms, piriformis syndrome, sciatica, etc.! I left her feeling 100% better! I am a former massage therapist and to say she is talented and gifted is an understatement. I loved the cupping (which I had never experienced before) and also her work with copper stones. I also loved that she works with Himalayan salts as I am learning how very important they are. I will definitely be back to see Irena. Thank you so much!
Martha M. at Yelp
Like how a massage can be tailored each time for your exact needs. Thank you Irena!
Anonymous –Advanced massage therapy at Massagebook
It was a different experience. She knows what she is doing and knows more than an ordinary massage therapist. It was a great experience
Kathy M. at Massagebook
She is an amazing massage therapist, the placebos so clean and she had a great energy, I bought all my Xmas gist cards for my coworkers, the best gift.
Niloofar T. A. posted on Facebook Irena Hnatjuk-Zahirovic Massage Therapist Page
I loved my massage. Soothing and relaxing- I was on cloud nine. I loved the hot stones and walked away yearning for more. I will definitely be spreading the word about Irena's expertise and skill.
Deena H. at Massagebook
I'm going back. I'm telling friends. I'm TREATING friends, especially my Massage Therapist friends. This has got to be experienced - Irena is brilliant.
Jeffrey B. at Massagebook
This was the best massage I've ever had!
Alison D. at Massagebook
She's very amazing of what she does.
Anonymous- Deep Tissue massage at Massagebook
Quite honestly the BEST massage I've ever had...and I've had many! Her hands are a gift. She knows her anatomy and her pressure perfectly, using traditional and varied techniques to help relieve tension and give you a very relaxing experience. Very professional and accommodating as well. I'll definitely be back and will recommend her to my friends. Thank you!!
Rani K. at Yelp
She was amazing, so sweet and professional. The place was very relaxing and quiet. Offers tea/water before and after your session. I've had massages where the therapist was chit chatting the whole time which makes it hard for me to really relax. Irena asked about the pressure she applied, then later we discussed for a short minute or two about stress in the upper area of my back. Maybe 3mins of talking out of the hour. After the session, she gave me a little advice and then also sent me information on how to help myself. I definitely pre-booked another appointment with her. :)
Ayna T. at Massagebook
Irena is Awesome! The 60 mins’ massage, was amazing. Definitely going back for my next massage. Thank you Irena...
Anonymous- Deep Tissue massage at Massagebook
I loved the Hot Copper stones accompanied with the aromatherapy oils. The pink Himalayan sea salt felt so amazing on my back. Once we got to the cupping I could feel the tension being squeezed out of my muscles. One of the best massages I've ever had!
Anonymous- Deep Tissue massage at Massagebook
Every time I get a massage by Irena I think it is the best one. Then the next massage I have is even better. She has amazing strength in her hands and you can feel the positive energy from her as she massages you. I can't say enough about how gifted she is!
Renee J. at Yelp
Awesome experience!!!
Walter B. at Massagebook
Irena's hands are a gift!  She responds to all of my pressure points.  I especially enjoy the use of hot stones and cupping.  I'm glad she has her own quaint and quiet studio. The location is perfect. one can't even hear the ambient noise outside the window of the massage room. If you haven't tried her, please do and straight away.  She has a nice selection of massages and specialties you may not find at other locations.  I love that she is well versed and interested in your well-being. BRAVO!!!
Gina P. at Yelp
Fantastic therapist who is talented, insightful, and professional. You will get a lot of bang for your buck here! It's one of the highest quality massages I've ever had- I'll certainly be back. Don't waste your money going somewhere else! Healing w/ Bamboo and Stones is superior in all ways.
Anonymous- Deep Tissue massage at Massagebook
I've tried many Massage Therapist; I definitely will stay with Irena. Immediately I could tell she is a true professional in her field. She is excellent at what she does and I felt like a new woman when I left!
Kim S. at Massagebook
Irena was very calming and knew how to listen and ask the right questions. The aroma-therapy was very nice and I enjoyed the copper stones and cupping experience. I truly believe this was the best massage I've ever had!
Janet H. at Massagebook
Irena is extremely skilled at massage. It is her gift I find she individualizes each massage to my needs for that day. My back pain disappears and my mood is always lifted.
Patricia B. at Massagebook
Irena is wonderful. She listens to what you want/need and her enhancements include copper stones, cupping and aroma-therapy. I had a great experience. I'm pretty sure this was the best massage I've ever received.
Janet H. at Groupon
This was my first time getting a massage with Irena. I was pleasantly surprised (I've had some ho-hum massages in my day). She was extremely competent and personable. Caring but not overly effusive. She is clearly experienced and knows what she is doing.
Katie B. at Massagebook
Irena truly is an exceptional massage therapist. I have worked with many massage therapists in the past but none compare. Her studio is small and private, located in a business complex. It may be a little difficult to find but the studio is very quiet. Unlike your traditional massage place, you don't get the noise of people next door or the shuffling of foot steps down the hall. It's very private and easy to relax.

I came in to see her because I was experiencing a decent amount of tension in my upper back, and the weekend before coming in I pulled my lower back and was experiencing pain through my hip and glute, which prevented me from exercise and affected my performance at work. She did a full body deep tissue and was able to find all the little adhesions and tough spots along my back, and even did cupping therapy to further release tension within the muscles. I was so tense that the massage seemed a bit painful at times but I stuck through it, and for that I am glad. I didn't have any soreness or tenderness whatsoever in the days after the massage, and since then, I haven't had any significant hip or glute pain like before. I have returned to exercise with no pain or tightness.

I would highly recommend Irena because she is professional, is very skillful and mindful of her work, and has the genuine want to help her clients achieve wellness and relaxation. It's not every day that you find someone so dedicated to their craft! She regularly charges around the $90 range for 1 hour depending on the type of massage, but if you prebook your appointments you save a lot of money.
Alex R. - Lake Forest, CA at Yelp
Wonderful, relaxing, stress-reducing and amazing! I walked out more flexible and with no back pain. 5 Stars in my book!
Alice D.-V. at Groupon
Irena is awesome, I found her at another salon and basically only went there because of here. She has magical hands, is really up to date on modalities, includes a lot with her standard massages other salons up charge for, has very reasonable prices, but most importantly I always feel light as a feather when I have a session with her. I recently called the other place to book and found out she was gone, took me a few weeks to find her but glad I did and she is even closer to my home (bonus)! I recently sent her two close friends who were in need of some de-stressing and she did wonders for both. I highly recommend her.
Fabrizia C. at Massagebook.com; Yelp and Google
Irene is the absolute best message therapist I've ever been too!
Renee J. at Massagebook
I plan to eagerly return to Irena's wonderful, healing work.
Marry Anne K. at Massagebook
Irena is very professional, experienced and knowledgeable. I have never been disappointed with any of the therapeutic massages that I have received.
Anonymous- Lymphatic Drainage massage at Massagebook
What an amazing experience!  I had the deep tissue massage with hot stones and cupping with Irena...who has the strongest hands in the biz!  The treatment took care of a knot I had in my neck for weeks and took away my chronic back pain for days.  I've never felt better after a massage and I have tried them all over Orange County.  Irena is truly blessed with her skill!
Amy White B. at Yelp
I liked the whole experience from the beginning to the end!!
Anonymous- Deep Tissue massage at Massagebook
Best deep tissue massage I've ever had! The hot stone therapy is incredible too! Irena is very strong and skilled at her trade. Can't wait to go back next month!
Amy White B. at Massagebook
Outstanding in all categories!
Adriana B. at Massagebook
Studio is new, so Irina is working out the kinks, but her massage hasn't missed a beat.
Barbie H. at Massagetherapy
Irena is very skilled at what she does. She seems to know what you need without even asking! She has magic hands!
Cindy F. at Massagebook
Yesterday I had a 75 min Deep Tissue Massage with your therapist, Irena and it was amazing! Not only was it the best massage I've ever had, but she also used cupping and hot stones. I have tried many different spas, and I will definitely return to Irena at In Essence in Mission Viejo. I feel brand new today! Thank you!!!
Amy White B. at In Essence Day Spa Facebook
Once again Irena delivered a wonderful experience. She takes great pride in her work and it shows each time I visit. She stays current and is always looking for ways to improve her client’s experience.
Torri P. at In Essence Day Spa Facebook
Irena - Thank you for a great lymphatic drainage massage. I felt relief from tension. Nothing else has worked as quickly to relax me. Appreciate your help. - Sonya
Sonya W. posted on Facebook Irena Hnatjuk-Zahirovic Massage Therapist
This spa does not fail. My husband enjoys the lovely but strong hands of his massage therapist, Irena. Ask for her- she will not disappoint.
I especially appreciated Irena's knowledge and treatment: the use of heated stones and "cupping" therapy. I am not believer of drugs and Irena's treatment confirmed my belief even more. The therapy she provided me after having fractured T5-T11 was not only awesome but strengthened my spine with a 100% recovery in less than a year of treatments.
She is my "go to" for and indulging and relaxing massage.
Gina P. on Yelp
I've gone to Irena for about a year and a half now. I have never had a massage better than hers. I have monthly sessions with her and I enjoy every moment. She is AMAZING!!
Renee J. posted on Facebook Irena Hnatjuk-Zahirovic Massage Therapist
I love Irena! I get to see Irena on a regular basis because I have a membership at In Essence Day Spa, which is a GREAT value. I really like deep tissue massage and Irena has the perfect blend of amazingly strong hands, but with a fluid motion that is somehow also relaxing. She listens to my specific needs at each visit and I always come away rejuvenated. The only thing I don't like about the massage is that it comes to an end. :)
Pam C. posted on Facebook Irena Hnatjuk-Zahirovic Massage Therapist
One of the best massages I have ever had! Irena was awesome!
Torri P. at In Essence Day Spa Facebook
As client of Irena's for the past two years it has always been a privilege to have her as my massage therapist. She always go above and beyond to improve out time together and she always trying new and exciting things that never make my massages less than perfect. She is constantly learning new techniques that help to heal the body and I am so grateful that I was able to have them done on me. Every time I leave my massage I feel so relaxed and refreshed. You go for a massage with Irena and end up remaining a loyal client.
Brittney L. posted on Facebook Irena Hnatjuk-Zahirovic Massage Therapist
As usual, Irena never fails to blow me away with all of the wonderful products she uses during the massage. It is truly a unique experience.
Barbie H. at In Essence Day Spa FB page
Once again Irena delivered a wonderful experience. She takes great pride in her work and it shows each time I visit. She stays current and is always looking for ways to improve her client’s experience.
Wendy W. at In Essence Day Spa FB page
Irena is the best massage therapist - I hadn't been in a few months and she still remembered my pressure preferences. She also used copper and salt stone therapy along with cupping, walked out of there feeling like a million bucks!!
Erin C. at In Essence Day Spa FB page
I tried Essence Day Spa when I moved to South OC a couple of years ago, all of their masseuses were great but Irena was the best. I took a hiatus due to pregnancy and recently pulled a muscle while working out; I could hardly have left my head up let alone turn to either side. Having a 4-month old baby to pick up all day long was not allowing me to heal, in fact in the days that followed the injury it got worst to the point I could just cry all day long (and I have a very high tolerance for pain). I called Essence looking for Irena; she was off that night but came in to help me out. I got a 90 minute sports massage which she incorporated a few other techniques and it was unbelievable what she did, I left there feeling as if there was no injury, my head and neck felt light as a feather and I got amazing sleep that night. That was by far the best massage I have gotten in my entire life (and I've gotten many). She worked magic because it improved a rough injury by 80% and in two days I hardly felt a thing (even picking up a baby all day long). I am hoping to find the time to make massages with her at least a monthly practice. I would rather get a massage than take pain killers and this lady is wonderfully talented, moreover she is incredibly pleasant. Also, in comparison to other massage places in OC their prices are very affordable.
Fabrizia C. on Yelp and Google
I can't recommend Irena highly enough! She knows exactly how to help me relax, and her massages are fantastic. She is knowledgeable about techniques and offers various types of massages, all of which are aimed at making you feel your best. She listens to what you need and your anxiety and muscle pains melt away after just one session. If you are looking for relaxing massage, go see Irena!!
Erin Green J. posted on Facebook Irena Hnatjuk-Zahirovic Massage Therapist
I have been going to In Essence for well over a year. I have always had a wonderful experience. The staff is friendly and professional. The spa is clean, modern, and tranquil. I highly recommend Irena; she is beyond fantastic. Irena is always on the cutting edge of massage therapy. I love the copper stones and Himalayan salts and my favorite; cupping. I have experienced massage at very high end spas. This is by far the best massage I have ever had.
Wendy W. at Google
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